Mumbai has one of the finest bus connectivity in the world. From the remotest locations to the highly dense localities, the BEST has done a commendable job of transporting people everywhere around in Mumbai.

However, with the exponentially growing population, some key improvements can be taken into account.

H2I proposes the following infrastructural improvements for the BEST:
  • A Centralised NOC (Network Operating Centre)
A Conductor generally issues tickets from within the bus. What if a passenger could issue a ticket from the vending machine inbuilt at the bus shelter, and proceed to aboard the bus.  This information would be sent to a Centralised Network Operating Centre (NOC) which could know the flow of passengers, and route the buses accordingly thereby, improving the frequency of buses on a set route as required.

The ticket issued could provide relevant information to the passenger regarding various other bus options. Hence, the passenger needs to only select the final destination and get all possible bus options stated on the ticket itself. This again, would reduce the number of people boarding a particular bus. 

The SMART CARD issued to the railways, could alternatively be used for bus rides itself, making the transport system in Mumbai more user-friendly and multimodal as well as making the entire system multifunctional and integrated.

The conductors could be employed within the NOC, to keep track of the buses. This facility would generate more employment from the operations.

- by Riddhi J Chokhawala 

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