Learning Can be Fun!

“Learning Can Be Fun” with Educational Aids
Educational aids are products that make routine learning fun. Very often we have heard the old proverb “All Work and No Play makes Jack a Dull Boy!” So the emphasis is to make Learning Enjoyable!
It can pep up a child’s interest in a concept, provide scope for exploration, is different from the traditional method of teaching via worksheets and creates “learn via play way” environment for the child.
Educational aids are not merely toys but are dynamic teaching aids which can simplify the teacher’s job of ‘teaching’ and the learner’s job of ‘learning’. It provides freedom to experiment while you learn without the feeling of being right or wrong. They help contribute in overall development of the child from intellectual development to fine motor skills, emotional and social development. They also help to develop problem solving skills, spark imagination and creativity, scope for role-play, eye-hand coordination and in improving memory skills.
Many types and brands of educational aids are scattered all over the market. As parents, teachers and therapists we need to choose a product which would not only appeal to the child but also has great learning value and is environment friendly. Many products are now available in the market which does not use harmful colors and materials but safer natural-vegetable dyes and hand made materials.
Educational aids have a vital contribution to make in teaching a skill or a concept to a special child. Not only does it allure their attention which a normal black and while worksheets fails to do; it also aids them by stimulating their textual, auditory and visual needs. They are an excellent tool for the teachers to break down complex concepts into smaller units which can modulate the rate of learning according to the child’s pace and growth. As a therapist for special children
I feel the biggest advantage is to modify the instructions as per the child’s level and pace. It facilitates the teacher’s job to a great extent and the boosts the child’s sense of self esteem.
Some of the educational aids that I have particularly found useful while working with special children are the alphabet tracing boards, the number stackers, sandy alphabets-numbers, the dressing frames for teaching life skills, the stitching boards for teaching vocational skills and peg boards to simplify mathematical operations.
I would the end with a few quotes to sum up the article:
Play is the only way the highest intelligence of humankind can unfold.” –
Joseph Chilton Pearce
Children learn as they play. Most importantly, in play children learn how to learn.” -O. Fred Donaldson
                                                                                                - by Aditi Chaudhary

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