Power of Reduction in Innovation

Innovation is about doing something new, thinking something new or perhaps challenging the set decorum to design a new process altogether. Most of the time we think that Innovation is something very far off thing, good for people with a lot of grey cells.

Power of Reduction clearly challenges this by proposing that anybody can think different by just removing the obvious and the most important element of any process or thing.

Let’s understand this by an example of airlines booking. What if I remove the most important element of date from the airlines booking site?

Now, think, what would this website do?

If I don’t need dates for a holiday then what all could I do?

  •  Lets say you gift a holiday to some one…
  •  Corporate purchase of holidays for employees
  •  Future booking at cheap cost
  •  Meet new people Travel – once a set number of people signs up, you decide a time period. Itinerary is already pre-defined.

Point being, that the moment I played up with the most essential element for travel then it gave me a plethora of options to evaluate in terms of an innovative offering.

Having said that, I would urge people to apply this technique to come up with more ideas for a holiday without dates.

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