The Importance of Correct Pencil Grip for Children of Age Group Between 2 – 3 years


The pencils available in the market come in varied shape and sizes. Broadly classified into triangular, hexagonal or circular shapes, these come in various grades. This study examines the effect of pencil size and shape on the pre-writing skills of children aging 2 -3 years. The children's pre-writing skills is tested while using a triangular shaped pencil, a standard pencil, and a large diameter pencil.

The results of the study indicate no effect of pencil size or shape on the quality of the children's writing. According to the study, ideally the pencil should be positioned in such a way so that there is equal pressure between the thumb, the side of the middle finger and the tip of the index finger. All fingers are bent slightly. This is called a "tripod grip" or "tripod pencil grasp". The eraser end of the pencil should point toward the shoulder. The underside of the forearm to the thumb should be a straight line. The hand does not hook back toward the body.

H2ITM intends to investigate the above issues and address the following common problems faced due to lack of proper grip of pencil.

These are:

  • Child has difficult time manipulating a large or regular size pencil.
  • Child moves entire arm while writing
  • Child writes too hard or soft
  • Awkward letter formation
  • Poor posture
  • Poor paper placement

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