H2I has designed an innovative Multi-functional Cutter - ZODIAC Cut.Carve.Create (Design Patented).

Zodiac Cut.Carve.Create is a unique cutter which facilitates cutting, slicing, shaping and creating textures on a variety of model making materials such as Styrofoam (Thermocol), EPF, Eco-FoamAcrylic, H.I.P, PU Foam and Rubber-sole


A Do-It-Yourself tool which facilitates:

  • angular cutting upto 70 degrees
  • uniform slicing of Thermocol upto 1mm
  • magnetic guide for straight cutting of Thermocol
  • creating grooves, patterns, half-cuts on the material

A compact machine available in Table-top model. 

Ideal for making prototypes, form exploration and mock/ miniature models

Please feel free to contact us for a Demo-video, Samples or Product Information at       sales@happy2innovate.com

ZODIAC - Cut.Carve.Create - User Testimonials: