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Importance of Goal Setting in Innovation

"It doesn't matter where you are coming from. All that matters is where you are going." - Brian TracyInnovation is a journey of challenging one’s own limitations and finding new ways of approaching a situation or solving a problem. We believe that it is paramount to set impossible goals to i…

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Innovation in the Radio Taxi Services in India

Cabs and Taxi services always existed in Mumbai. One could hire a private cab or avail the services of our popular black and yellow taxi, however; one fine day an entrepreneur sensed an opportunity in providing private cab services that delivers a new experience to the consumers. Started with Meru C…

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Power of Reduction in Innovation

Innovation is about doing something new, thinking something new or perhaps challenging the set decorum to design a new process altogether. Most of the time we think that Innovation is something very far off thing, good for people with a lot of grey cells.

Power of Reduction clearly challenges this by…

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9 Brilliant Inventions Made by Mistake

Request you to please click on the link below to discover these inventions which have become indispensable in our day to day life.

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