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Design - Opportunities to Interact with the Consumers

What got me to write this article is my encounter with a company executive who had come home to deliver a candle(filter) for the water purifier. Basically, the water purifier is sold at a relatively low cost but it requires candle replacement periodically for which the company executive visits the c…

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Communication Device for Differently Abled

There are many challenges that differently abled people have to overcome when it comes to communication. H2ITMintends to discuss some of the possible solutions for designing and developing a device to facilitate seamless communication and interaction between them and rest of the world. Objective of …

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Power of Reduction in Innovation

Innovation is about doing something new, thinking something new or perhaps challenging the set decorum to design a new process altogether. Most of the time we think that Innovation is something very far off thing, good for people with a lot of grey cells.

Power of Reduction clearly challenges this by…

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9 Brilliant Inventions Made by Mistake

Request you to please click on the link below to discover these inventions which have become indispensable in our day to day life.

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